Fundraising and consultancy for the third and fourth sectors

Funding strategies for organisations, foundations and social businesses

This service is especifically catered towards the aforementioned types of businesses, which are comprised by the third and fourth sector, also known by the non-profit sector.

We carry through Fundraising projects to gather funds that come from a private background. There are a number of resources that NGOs, organisations and social businesses can use, from the most old-fashioned ones, such as sponsorships or patronage, to the most modern ones, such as the ones related to the Crowd concept (Crowdsurcing, Crowdlending, Crowdfunding…). There are various options for social entrepeneurs, such as business angel or seed capital.

Estrategias de financiación para asociaciones, fundaciones y empresas sociales

If you belong to a non-profit organisation with a social or enviroment protecting purpose, we can help you get the funds for a project you want to give a shape to.

Training and counseling catered to social businesses and entrepeneurs

As people who come from the social area, we know how complicated it can be to start a socially responsible and sustainable business that is also profitable.

We certainly believe that keeping such a business going requires of professionalism and financial knowledge. In this case, obtaining profit would not be the main focus, but the resource to create and mantain the project. Obtaining income from our business is fundamental, but we are aware that in numerous occasions, the lack of business and economic intelligence can end up killing a project.


erein works to avoid those kinds of issues. For that reason, we assess and give advice to our clients when they decide to start their business, providing help in all key aspects: Business planning, counseling regarding the taxation system, funds, marketing plans and market study.

We know that the most important thing is to know the area you want to cater to. We work in order to find potential or already existing problems and create solutions that work for them.