We should be aware of how our actions affect the environment as far as possible

Sustainability means integrating the differences

Sustainability means fostering a socially equal and environmentally respectful economy

Sustainability means defending our biodiversity and every living being that completes it

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We are a Marketing and Communication Consultancy business that works around the concept of sustainability

By developing a number of projects based on communication and social maketing, we work towards a collective consciousness that influences our consuming habits. Our main goal is to reach a more sustainable lifestyle, from a social, economic and environmental aspect.

We put all our knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to encourage creativity in projects that can have a highly positive effect on our society.

La sostenibilidad es un concepto integral
The concept of sustainability is comprehensive. For that reason, we create multidisciplinary work teams that give a global vision to our projects.

Why Sustainable Management and Marketing?…

Marketing has been used in numerous occasions by big corporations to create unnecessary needs in us consumers. This has lead to an exhaustion of our resources, with a permanently dissatisfied population that cannot adquire what our consumption based society demands..

Why not use Marketing and Communication in a healthier way?. To begin with, we can help improve our current social and environmental situation by encouraging people to be responsible and conscious consumers. On top of that, we can support organisations, foundations and small social businesses so they can market their products, which would ensure a higher profit. This is EREIN’s main purpose, an open platform for all those individuals who are determined to create a new tomorrow. After all, there will be no tomorrow if we do not change our today.

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